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FRANCISCO SANTOS :   Is a multi-award winning executive producer founder and show creator of The Vampire Circus. He has more than 20 years of experience creating and overseeing blockbuster live entertainment. During that tenure, Francisco Javier has been contracted to develop unique brand concepts for international special events. Eighth generation of a family dedicated to entertainment business.  From a young age he has been active in widely famed circus shows around the world. He has traveled across five continents during a successful career performing Icarian Games , an ancient discipline known for its unique style and technique. He has taken part in numerous prestigious international festivals and also has been recognized with different awards, honors and nominations, which includes Spain’s 2009 Villa de Madrid award. He won an Emmy award in the category of "Outstanding Non-Fiction Program" for his work in the series “Fire Within.” 

He has worked for more than 12 years  with Cirque du Soleil including  the creation of the show “Varekai.” With “Varekai,” he has been a guest artist in the category Icarian Games, which has been seen by more than 9 million people around the world . 

Outside of work ,Francisco  volunteers with non-profit organizations by creating and implementing workshops to teach young children about the circus arts

profession. Francisco Santos is bringing with Sogno back to live his family tradition on circus wich dates since 1706 and were his ancestress was art rate first res clown nose in Europe with that responsibility and his greatest passion for the world co comedy, the difficult art of making people Laugh” his work as being influenced by his great admiration for the artists of Charly Chaplin

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