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SOGNO'S History:  Rampin is a street sweeper at the “Circus of Dreams,” the legendary circus for clowns. His dream is to become a world-renowned clown, but his shyness and clumsiness keep him from reaching his ultimate goal over and over again. Throughout his journey, Rampin has never been in front of a show audience.

Sad and distraught he decides to retire ---- shortly after working different odd jobs he falls into a deep sleep state that takes him onto a fabulous adventure (SOGNO) where he meets other aspiring clown dreamers. Rampin and his new clown friends take the audience on an immersive journey to turn their clown dreams into a reality and overcome a variety of obstacles during the magical voyage.

“Sogno” is a story that uplifts and inspires you, if you do not try, you will never know if you can. The motto of Sogno is “never give up,” even though it seems the universe is against you. Life lessons by “Rampin” to follow your instincts and use your talents to make your dreams a reality.

Dreams of Circus invites young children and adult spectators to jump into the magical world of circus during an immersive journey with “Sogno” exploring an alternative world of comedic/acrobatic situations and discovering how self-confidence can help you reach your goals.

SOGNO pushes the imagination of childhood fantasy dreams of the circus. International acrobats are part of the world of SOGNO, who are determined to wake up the imagination of the youngest child to the adult who never gives up on dreaming.

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